“Every generation there is a Gideon Black and there is a Katrina. Fate brings them together to face the machinations of Maximilian and his Grotesques. These are their stories….”

Welcome to the version two of the web presence of The Gee Bees Comic. We have slowly evolved over the last two years and felt we needed to reflect that change in the website.

The biggest two changes in this version of the website is this here blog, where our writer Steve (Hello), will talk on occasion about various subjects as they occur to him.Mainly about writing and a few topics that are raised through the future comic’s storylines.

The other biggest change to the website is those comics. Where as before we had our first story up and ready to read for free now we have samples of our work and links to the digital copies of our titles you can purchase.

So far we have issue one of The Grand Tour “Back in Training” and the short story “The October House” which appeared in the 2014 “Halloween” anthology. You can also purchase the three issues that make up “The Grand Tour” through Comixology. The first issue of our next story “The Meditating Businessman” is due in April.

We are also on Twitter where we announce convention dates and other little titbits. We’ll sit down and talk here soon I promise….