Has it really been five months?

Yes, unfortunately it has. Hello all, I do apologise for the lack of updates, although just looking through our previous posts we wrote you around this time last year, so you would of been expecting it I suppose. How are you? Well? That knee not bothering you much? Good.

We’ll all good, Steve is still dreaming up ideas and writing them down in notes and attending numerous conventions around the land. Well Liverpool, London and the West Midlands so far, but he’s off up to Leeds in September and very much looking forward to that trip and the new experience of Thought Bubble earlier in the year. We think everyone is looking forward to that one with their fingers crossed to some extent or other. Kel and Mike are both still busy with everything they do.

But we seem to have come to a stop for some reason. The search for an artists to join us for the big 12 parter featuring Gideon Black, Victorian Cryptozoologist for The Foundation, and his family is taking a lot longer than we had all hoped. Partially it’s the size of the thing, 12 issues is a lot of work for someone to commit to; and partially it’s the way we run things around here when it comes to money.

The Gee Bees has always been run as a profit share. No money up front at all but a equal share for everyone involved at a future date. So, for example, with “The Grand Tour”, once the initial 100 hardbacks were sold and after the print cost had been recouped all profits are shared between Kel, Mike and Steve the three people who produced it. We wish we were in a position to offer a better deal but we’re not (and by we, we mean Steve as that’s who’s behind all this and who is currently typing). It was the best way we could come up with when we started out and the fairest: no-one gets any money until we all do.

But as we get more ambitious with our stories and our comics books then the strain of the work will fall on everyone’s shoulders with no initial gain other than a letter handed to the artist/artists by Steve detailing his commitment to them along the line.

Still we live in hope and have a small advert on our exhibitors tables at every show on the off chance an artist walks by, and we’ve just posted in three comic book groups over on Facebook with the hope we’ll find someone or more.

We have more stories to tell, it would be a shame if our ambition is thwarted by a lack of belief in others.

Oh, before we forget Steve got interviewed by Comics Anonymous which came out two days before his birthday in June. You can read it here….



Has it really been five months?

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