Conventions and catching up….

“Everyone knows I’m Jamie’s painting in the attic”*

Hello all, been a while hasn’t it. In our defence we have been busy. Well some what busy. Well….

No we have been busy. Issue two for “Prodigal” is written as is issue one of “Captain’s Orders” which is the follow on adventure from “The Meditating Businessman”. We also had a break through for the back page material for issue two of “The Meditating Businessman”. In fact it is so good we’ve had to split it into two and the second half will appear in issue two of “Captain’s Orders”. That’s more cryptic than we meant it to be. When we publish issue two of “The Meditating Businessman” we’ll explain further. Promise. As long as we remember. Someone remind us.

Speaking of issue two of “TMB” it’s in the process of being drawn. Kel is a truly busy man (unlike Steve) with lots of things to juggle at the moment so we fully understand it may take him longer than we first thought. When we met up in Nottingham at the end of October we decided it should be ready for the start of next year. Must remember to tell Mike this too (another ridiculously busy man).

So since July when we last talked we’ve started up exhibiting at conventions again. First up was Steve’s favourite show ICE. It’s his favourite show for three reasons: 1) it’s in his home city of Birmingham; 2) it’s the show we first launched the hardback copy of “The Grand Tour” and 3) it’s just a great show and brilliantly run. As well as seeing a lot of old friends, chatting about and selling the comics Steve was also interviewed by the guys at Geeky Brummie again. This time (the third we believe) he managed to talk quite well. He was happy with what he said anyway which is all you can hope for. A good time was had by all even though Steve embarrassed himself in front of the artist Steve Pugh. Fortunately all was forgiven and drinks bought and laughs exchanged.

Just after that we were also involved in the Eye Candy Festival in Birmingham with copies of both our titles in their pop-up store in the beautiful Great Western Arcade. It was very complimentary being included amongst some of the best contemporary artists and designers at the moment.

And then there were the two weekends which saw our Steve first go to Nottingham for the comic convention and then go to Leeds for the great Thought Bubble the following weekend. Nottingham was good, mainly because Steve got to spend time with Kel and catch up and plot and plan which is always fun. Thought Bubble is THE British convention for a lot of people. A brilliant mind described it as “three rooms of artist alley” over the weekend which, as we mentioned is brilliant. Especially as the professionals writers and artists can be found right next to the self-publishers (who are just as professional in their own way). Steve had a great time chatting and selling to people over the weekend. He even managed to have a wonder around the marquee, something he’s not managed in the three years it’s been up. The power of having friends exhibiting in there.

As for the future, we’ve booked for next years ICE, booked a mere 51 weeks before hand. We are also booked in for Leamington Comic Con which is at the end of March next year. The British conventions are under-going some changes over the next 12 months so we shall see what happens. And of course let you know through here or our Twitter feed.

Talk to you all soon….

*The quote at the top is from Saturday night at the mid-con party of Thought bubble in Trinity Kitchens and from a conversation with Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen, which was nice….

Conventions and catching up….

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