Thoughts on our mind….

Middle of a British heatwave, what better time than now to sit under a heated laptop, and write a bit….

So how are you all, keeping cool in your own special, and consenting, fashion I hope. We’ll fine, if a little melty. Especially our writer Steve who doesn’t do well in high temperatures, and is land locked here in the Midlands so hasn’t got the benefit of coastal living like, for example, our letterer Mike down there in Poole. He’s probably on a beach now as we (that is Steve, “hello” {waves}) type.

But other than the temperature we’re good. Had an amazing time at MCM London at the end of May. Three great days which also saw us produce issue one of “The Meditating Businessman” and start selling. And selling well if we may crow for a moment. As well as physical copies we also produced digital copies and those went on sale through Comixology at the start of this month. You can find it here. And for all of our digital titles you should go here.

Another thing that we took part in was Small Press Day. A whole Saturday celebrating those of us made enough to go in for self-publishing around the country. For our part this meant sending our writer Steve to his favourite shop in Birmingham and have him sit and chat with people about our titles. He even got interviewed by the “Geeky Brummie” show from Brum Radio alongside fellow creators. Although it was a week last Saturday we believe the actual show with Steve in it is broadcast this coming Saturday. You can listen out for him between 12pm and 1pm on their site or catch up through their page on Mixcloud.

And I think that’s us caught up. Issue two of “The Meditating Businessman” is being drawn over the summer and should be ready for November time. Speaking of November we’ve been told where we’ll be for this years Thought Bubble convention up in Leeds. We’ll tell you closer to the time what we have planned for that weekend. Let’s just say there will be fireworks (because it’s on over Bonfire night so of course there will be fireworks whatever we decide to do). Oh and we are making giant leaps in progress with the long awaited “Prodigal” featuring the Victorian Cyptozoologist GIdeon Black and his whole family. Again more on that soon.

All this just because Steve couldn’t decide whether to be cheeky and put a comment on Twitter where we “clarified any confusion” between Team Gee Bee and Team GB. There isn’t any confusion of course, he just thought it might be a nice and topical way of getting publicity for us and the comic. In the end he chickened out due to the fear of appearing in Private Eye’s “Desperate Marketing” section. Instead can we(he, me) take this opportunity to wish everyone competing in Rio 2016, Olympian and Paralympian equally, the best of luck.

Thoughts on our mind….

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