The writing process….

With a book at the printers, one issue two script written and about to be typed up and another issue one and two planned out (one more than he other) we thought now would be a great time to open the door and let you see how a comic book is made. Or at least how our writer works….

The first thing is the notebook. That trusty repository of every idea you have. And we say trusty as the other repository of ideas: your head/brain, isn’t that trustworthy when it comes down to it. Just remember all the times you went to add an artist to your Spotify play-list only to find you already did ages ago (Steve, our writer does that, more than he’d like to admit). It can be the fanciest Moleskine notebook, some interesting app on your smart phone or the back of a cigarette pack just make sure you carry it with at all times. You never know when that killer idea, character or line of dialogue will occur to you.

With a notebook full of ideas you can now begin the task of writing your story. When it comes to comics there are, usually, two approaches to writing your script: full-script or “The Marvel Method”. Our writer uses the “full-script” method when creating the scripts.

This may seem odd, especially considering what we said in our last post about how “Comic book production is…. a team event“, but we have our reasons. To our mind our writer has one job and one audience for which he writes for and that’s the artist. Steve has a visual mind and has to, somehow, relay those pictures to Kel. Inspire in him the same pictures or, on several occasions better pictures than Steve could ever think of. And for our Steve that means putting as much information in the panel descriptions as possible.

Once written the script then goes to Kel (if it’s Gideon and Miss King story) who weaves his magic over a page and sends back amazing things. Steve is found of a saying: “The worst an artist can do is exactly what you ask them to do” and he’s quite right you know….

The writing process….