Meet the team….

Comic book production is, for the most part, a team event. Have a look at your favourite comic book and you’ll see a good half dozen people will of worked on each issue: writer, penciller, inker, colourist, letterer, editor, publisher, etc.

Here at the Gee Bees we may not have as many people but we are definitely a team. First off there is Steven D Quirke, our writer (and who is really struggling typing about himself in the third person at the moment so bare with me/him). He’s the dreamer and mythomane* who comes up with the adventures and characters you enjoy reading.

Alongside Steve is our artist Kel Winser, a splendidly bearded man who is currently defying the laws of nature by somehow teaching art while studying art (an MA in Illustration no less) and drawing the latest Gee Bee adventure. Obviously the East Coast has more than the normal 24 hours that the rest of us get to use.

Another fella who’s work ethic puts us all to shame is our letterer Michael Stock. Name a British small press title published in the last five years and chances are our Mike had a hand in its production.

The nature of our stories and the numerous Gideon’s and Katrina’s means we are open to tell different stories, in different genres and with different artists. So if you are an artist get in touch as we have, at least, two other “GBs” whose stories are coming soon. Go to our contact page and fill in the email form and we’ll chat about the prospects of working together. Who knows you may have the thrill of a hastily typed out piece saying odd things about you.

*”a person with a strong or irresistible propensity for fantasizing, lying or exaggerating”.

Meet the team….

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